RUUDAIR.NL Aircraft pictures

Airbus A340 Turkish

Airbus A340 Lufthansa

Airbus A330 Turkish

Airbus A330 Air Canada

Airbus A321Turkish Airlines

Airbus A340 Turkish

Airbus A319 Croatia Airlines

Boeing777-200 United Airlines

Boeing777= 300 Eva Air

Boeing757= 200 US Air

Boeing 747-400 Singapore Airlines

Boeing 737-800-400 SAS

Aircrafts that flying in Star-Alliance colors from above to below : Airbus A340 0f Turkish Airlines (TC-JDL)
Airbus A340 0f Lufthansa(D-AIGC)
Airbus A330 0f Turkish Airlines (TC-LNB)
Airbus A330 -200 0f Air Canada(C-GHML)
Airbus A321 Of Turkish Airlines(TC-JRB)
Airbus A320 Of Swiss (HB-iJN )
Airbus A319 Of Croatia Airlines(9A-CTI)
Boeing 777-200 Of United (N77022)
Boeing 777-300 Of Eva Air (B16701)
Boeing 757-200 Of US Air (N835UW)
Boeing 747-400 Of Singapore Airlines (9V-SPP).
Boeing 737-800 Of SAS ( LN-RRL)
© Foto's: Ruud de Leeuw

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