RUUDAIR.NL Aircraft pictures

Boeing 777-300 KLM

Boeing 737-900 KLM

Embrear-190 KLM

Airbus A330 China Southern

Boeing 767-400 Delta

Boeing 767-400 Delta

Airbus A320 Air France

Airbus A320 Air France

Boeing 737-700 Tarom

Airbus A330 - 200 Air Europa

Boeing 737- 800 Air Europa

Airbus A319 Czech Airlines (CSA)

Airbus A330 China Eastern

The three aircrafts of KLM that flying in Skyteam colors from above to below : boeing 777-300 (PH-BVD ), Boeing 737-900 (PH-BXO) and Embrear 190 (PH-EZX).
An Airbus A330-200 of China Southern (B-6528)
Boeing 767-300 of Delta Airlines (N175DZ)
Boeing 767-400 of Delta Airlines (N844MH)
Airbus A320 of Air France (F-GFKY)
Airbus A321 of Air France (F-GTAE)
Boeing 737-700 of Tarom(YR-BGF)
Airbus A330 -200 of Air Europa(B-6528)
Boeing 737-800 of Air Europa ( EC-JHK)
Airbus A319 Czech Airlines (CSA) (OK-PET)
Airbus A330-200 of China Eastern (B-5949)
© Foto's: Ruud de Leeuw

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